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We are a Casting agency that provides Actors / Supporting Artists & professional Skilled/Trade Men/Woman for TV/Film, Theatre, Music Videos, Commercials, Corporate roleplay & Videos, Live Events & Photographic & voice overs.


Our Actors section consists of a wide range of Spotlight performers who have Acting credits for previous character roles, they are available for your character / feature roles.  The Trade artists come from many different working environments, from Paramedics, Fire fighters, Police officers, Nurses & many other trade professionals. All our skilled artists are fully trained in what they do & have great knowledge about the role they have been cast for. We also have a large selection of supporting artists available & many who are highly experienced in many different sports/skills; from every day sports to extreme sports & other skills. A large selection of our artists have worked on many different productions, so they are very good at working as a team & taking direction. We feel that having the right individual is paramount to any production, which is why we have a large selection of highly skilled performers. We also have a seletion of performers who have done & are available for SPACT (special action scenes) work.

A unique casting agency which works around London & the South of England that specifies in providing professional skilled supporting artists & featured artists for meeting your production needs. Supporting Artists available for London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth & Salisbury.

 If you need any Actors / Supporting Artists or Skilled / Trade artists, or if you have a brief which you would like to enquire about please contact us. We are available 24/7 & can supply people for jobs at the last minute to meet your production needs.